Thomas Magnussen trained as an actor at the internationally renowned theatre school the Guildhall School and Music and Drama in London in 2000. Since 2010, Thomas has served as a conference director at a number of events and awards, and he is also often used as moderator and moderator at conferences, debates and cultural events. Because of his education in England, he speaks a perfect english, which means that he solves international tasks as well as Danish ones effortlessly.

In 2019, Thomas was the only human being on stage when he played the role of paleontologist Huxley in the spectacular BBC arena show Walking With Dinosaurs, at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen.

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Master of Ceremonies

Among other things, Thomas has solved tasks for CPH Pix, Bogforum in Bella Center, Microsoft and Dansk Erhverv.
From 2012-2019, Thomas has served as a conference director and Master of Ceremonies for the world's largest brain research prize The Brain Prize, with one million euros each year awarded to some of the world's leading neuroscientists.
In 2017, he hosted the Hip Theatre's 250th anniversary, where her Majesty Queen Margarethe II was guest of honor. 

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  • I have had the pleasure of working with Thomas for 8 years, where he was the well-behaved and elegant 'Master of Ceremonies' at the annual award of The Brain Prize – the world's largest and most significant prize for brain research. Thomas is always well prepared and has a highly professional approach to the task. With his endowment and extensive general knowledge, he is able to quickly familiarize himself with the award-winning research. Therefore, his involvement in staging the awards has always been sharp, respectful and gifted. Thomas, like no other, has the ability of a celeb audience including Royalty (or HRH the Crown Prince) to deliver his contribution with the right dose of humour and improvisation. And when Thomas simultaneously masters the English language as a native speaking person, it all comes together. I give Thomas my best and most unreserved recommendation.
    Kim Krogsgaard
    Director of The Brain Prize 2010-2019
  • Thomas Magnussen was a conference member at Dansk Erhverv in connection with the Play Industry's annual awards for Game of the Year, and he managed to cast a tinge of class and professionalism over the event. Not only was he well prepared and had put himself extra thoroughly into the subject area, he also managed to
    interview the various guests on stage with the utmost ease, a good presence for the audience and with a good feel for the time program.
    Kim Dorff Hundsholt
    CEO, Game Glacier t.dk
  • Thomas Magnussen hosted when the Theatre Museum in the Hip Theatre celebrated the hip theatre's 250th anniversary in 2017 with an all-night event for an invited audience, including H.M Queen Margrethe II. Thomas performed all evening with elegance, finesse and subtle seriousness. From the time he arrived in the hall disguised as kustode from Christiansborg Castle, which had gone wrong, to he transformed himself into the host who not only guided the audience from one feature to another in the evening's two-hour program, but at the same time contributed with measured artistic elements. Furthermore, he effortlessly and clearly guided the audience through the history of the Hip Theatre, while having already informed himself in the composition of the audience and had taken stock of where selected people sat in the hall, so that he could discreetly incorporate their current importance to the Theatre Museum in the Hip Theatre. It was a beautiful evening, tempered by place and context and not least toned by Thomas.
    Peter Christensen-Teilmann
    Director, Theatre Museum of the Hip Theatre